As a bankrupt you may have experienced difficulty in arranging insurance. Invicta Insurance Services Limited can help you overcome the challenge of arranging insurance even if you have not been discharged following a bankruptcy.

Non-discharged bankruptcies are material facts and they must be declared whether you are asked to declare the information or not. The problem is that as soon as you declare a bankruptcy most insurers have no interest in offering cover. However, Invicta Insurance Services Limited offer the bespoke approach required to arrange insurance for you. We look at your circumstances now rather than dwelling on your past, and offer cover for a wide range of insurances such as commercial, home and motor insurance.

Bankruptcy generally lasts for 1 year, but remains on your credit file for 6 years, during which time your ability to obtain insurance will be hindered. It remains difficult to get insurance after the 6 years even if you have been discharged. People believe that bankruptcy will give them a fresh start but this is often not the case as in fact many insurance companies continue to penalise years after bankruptcy.

If you need help to obtain insurance following a bankruptcy declaration, Invicta Insurance Services may be able to offer assistance.

Reasons to choose Invicta Insurance Services Limited as your preferred broker:

  • Bespoke underwriting that does not focus on your past
  • Be treated with respect by people who understand your needs
  • Any circumstances considered
  • Competitive prices
  • Flexible policy cover
  • Friendly and personal service
  • Dedicated 24 hour claims service

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01732 471950

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Bankrupt insurance policyholders can benefit from commercial insurance, home insurance motor insurance, travel insurance and legal expenses cover – please ask us for more information

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