Employee spotlight – Amy Kemsley

At Invicta you always receive a pleasant, helpful and friendly service, but what do you know of the terrific people who make up the Invicta team? In this spot of our newsletter we will introduce you to one of the Invicta staff members who, on a daily basis, help to provide our customers with quality and courteous service. In this issue we say hello to Amy Kemsley, our Accounts Manager.

Amy is a positive and highly motivated member of the Invicta team and joined the company in March 2011.

Amy has 9 years experience in the insurance industry and has been working for brokers since she left school after completing her A-Levels.

Her first job was as a Trainee Accounts Technician at Woodstock Insurance Brokers in Maidstone, where she worked closely with the Operations Manager Steve Gamage. It was through this relationship and eagerness to grow and develop her skills that she swiftly followed Steve to Invicta Insurance Services. The company was young but she shared Steve’s vision to grow the company into the successful insurance brokers it is today. Amy was promoted to the role of Accounts Manager in July 2014 and in this time she has taken on staff responsibilities, budget preparation, profit and loss and key performance reporting in addition to the company’s HR duties.

Amy was born and still lives in the Medway area and recently purchased her own house in Strood with her fiancé, Simon. In the little spare time she has Amy spends it with her family.

Amy has a passion for escape room attractions. This pastime requires her and a team to find clues by solving complex puzzles and challenges in different themed rooms. The goal is to solve the clues in a strict one hour time limit so she and her team can escape! We always knew Amy was good at working under pressure but we didn’t realise she enjoyed it so much that she made it a hobby!

Amy enjoys music and the cinema and admits that her tastes are quite eclectic! Her playlist will jump from the soulful vocals of Phil Collins to the deafening screams of Slipknot.

Her bookshelves are full of her beloved Disney videos (yes videos!) and DVDs whilst sitting alongside these are her favourite horror films which includes Saw and Childs Play. Amy is an avid collector of Disney figurines/memorabilia in addition to having an extensive horror film memorabilia collection. Her favourite item? The Chucky doll from the Childs Play films!

Amy’s Favourites:

Favourite film: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Favourite album: AFI – Sing The Sorrow

Favourite TV Shows: Luther

Favourite Holiday Destination: Hamelin, Germany

Favourite Book: Wise Children by Angela Carter

Favourite Drink: Raspberry Sambuca and Lemonade

“Thank you for featuring me in the summer Employee Spotlight. I am happy and proud to be a part of a great team that has grown over the years and I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved and contributing to the Company’s success over the 6 years that I have been here. I would like to thank Steve for giving me the opportunity to grow and develop my role, skills and knowledge both at Invicta and my previous employer.”

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