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Newsletter: Issue 1 Spring 2015

5 Reasons Why You Need Home Emergency Cover

Flooded kitchen? Broken boiler? Wasps? Smashed window? You never know what the future holds so read on and learn the 5 main reasons why you should never be without Home Emergency Cover.

1. 24 Hour Claim Service

We can say from experience that discovering that your kitchen is flooding when you get home on Friday night is never pleasant. However, what’s worse is a recorded voice telling you that nothing can be done about it until 9am on Monday! However, when you have home emergency cover, you can speak to an actual human being 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and what’s more, they’ll immediately arrange for someone to come and help you out!

2. Winter Warmth

When we’re all clutched in the icy grip of the British winter, the last thing you need is for the boiler to breakdown; jumpers and hot soup can only sustain you for so long. If you have home emergency cover, though, you can rest easy as yours and your family’s toastiness is assured – emergency repairs to your heating system is provided as standard.

3. Wasps! Wasps! Wasps!

Few things can ruin a summer’s day than a mass invasion of small, flying stingy things, especially when you find out that they’ve actually set up shop on your property! Once you’ve all fled inside, locked all the doors and windows and gibbered madly for a while, you’ll need to call your home emergency insurer, who will kindly get rid of any pests who might be plaguing your home.

4. Make Your House a Mini-Fort Knox

Nothing is more important than knowing your home and your family are safe, and your home emergency policy can help with this, as well! Whether you have a smashed window, broken lock or damaged door, a home emergency policy will guarantee that a qualified tradesman will visit your property and make it safe again.

5. Unlimited Call-Outs

The true genius of the home emergency policy is how it can operate alongside your standard home insurance while not adversely affecting it. If you are cursed by a run of bad luck and need to use your emergency policy multiple times throughout the year, not only are you entitled to as many call outs as you want, but it also won’t affect your claims history!

A full summary of benefits and exclusions will be provided should you decide that home emergency cover is for you.

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