Spring Newsletter 2018

Spring is here and we are hard at work to bring our customers information, advice and guidance over the seasonal period.

Get more information on how to keep in touch with us, our latest Commercial Insurance advisor, tips for cutting the cost of Motor Insurance and our Travel Insurance information. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to insure your car for less or seeing how you can still receive our latest offers and guidance, we’ve got it all in this quarterly newsletter.

As some of our clients and followers may be aware, we have rebranded Invicta and given our company a shiny new look.

These changes include our emails, signatures, social media platforms, website, branding and marketing. Find out more on how we have approached these changes and take a look at the behind the scenes stages of development.
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This month Invicta celebrates its 8th birthday. We launched officially on 17th March 2010 in Sevenoaks with just one brand, zero customers and 2 members of staff.
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At Invicta, we believe that customer service is key and we always strive to offer a pleasant and helpful service. But how much do you know about the experts who make up the Invicta team?
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The cost of motor insurance can take a big chunk out of your driving budget, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow these 10 tips to help you get your annual premium down.
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Life is not all about working hard, sometimes you just have to pack a bag, pick up your passport and live life to its fullest. However, we can’t throw all caution to the wind and sometimes the experiences that are designed to de-stress us, ends up distressing us.
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Winter Newsletter 2017

Winter is here and we are hard at work to bring our customers information, advice and guidance over the Christmas period.

Get more information on our top rated Christmas attractions coming to a venue near you in Kent and an insight into our apprentice customer service advisor, Jodie-Mae Gaywood. Whether you’re looking for tips for driving safe in winter conditions or keeping your household belongings protected, we’ve got it all in this quarterly newsletter.

We are now well underway with the festive season, so you will need to plan ahead if you are going to visit any local Christmas attractions. These range from Ice Rinks, Santa Grottos, Christmas Markets and Pantomimes. We have put a list together for our top 9 winter attractions to visit this Christmas and we wish you, your friends and families a wonderful time.
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At Invicta, customer service is a priority. We always strive to offer a pleasant and helpful service but how much do you know about the experts who make up the Invicta team? In this article, we introduce you to a member of the Invicta staff who helps provide our customers with a quality and courteous service on a daily basis.

Since this is the festive issue of the year, we have added a twist to our employee’s favourites giving it a seasonal touch to fit the time of the year. In this issue we are featuring one of our new Apprentice Customer Service Advisor, Jodie-Mae Gaywood.
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It’s now that time of the year when driving on British roads can be very dangerous. Invicta Insurance Services have put together a list of steps that should be followed when driving in wintry conditions. Please remember that although you may be capable and experienced in driving in wintry conditions, other road users may not be! To maximise ongoing safety on the roads, follow our guide to ensure you are prepared for any possible circumstance.
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Whether you’re staying in or going out, make sure your home insurance covers your personal belongings during the festive season. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for burglars, with home insurance claims on the rise dramatically.
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Summer Newsletter 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to our Summer 2017 issue of The Great British Broker. Well, here in Sevenoaks it has certainly been a gloriously hot and sunny start to the summer so far. In fact we’ve all been lucky enough to appreciate the beautiful summer dawn chorus in the mornings as none of us are getting any sleep during the hot sticky nights! I must admit there is certainly something to be said for air conditioning and I never thought I’d say that at the start of an English summer!

Well, if you are lucky enough to be sitting in a deckchair at the beach, in the garden or listening to the soft sound of leather on willow as your village cricket team take to the crease, then why not take a moment to have a peruse of our latest newsletter.

This quarter you can learn more about our Accounts Manager in the Employee Spotlight, read about the myths and misconceptions people have about insurance and also find out which classic car shows Invicta are proudly sponsoring this summer

We hope you enjoy this issue and we would like to wish all of our customers and friends a very enjoyable, safe and pleasant summer.

When we think of myths we are taken back to the times of the Jason and the Argonauts, Medussa or the Loch Ness monster. However, in the world of insurance there are many myths and misconceptions that a lot of people believe to be fact! Unfortunately, unlike believing in the Loch Ness Monster, making insurance decisions based upon a myth can have a far more detrimental effect on you, your property or business. Read on as Leon Price our Commercial Manager dispels 10 insurance myths for you…

At Invicta you always receive a pleasant, helpful and friendly service, but what do you know of the terrific people who make up the Invicta team? In this spot of our newsletter we will introduce you to one of the Invicta staff members who, on a daily basis, help to provide our customers with quality and courteous service. In this issue we say hello to Amy Kemsley, our Accounts Manager.

I am very proud to say that Invicta Insurance Services have now been serving our community in Sevenoaks for seven years.

During this time the number of customers to whom we provide a personal service has grown and the number of staff that we employ to serve them has grown alongside them, but we have never lost sight of the important question: – How can we better serve others?

As a Kent based broker with the name Invicta it would be amiss of us not to continue our seasonal guide of the best places to visit in The Garden of England.

Kent is a haven of breathtaking English landscapes and places to visit. From mysterious marshlands to the dramatic white cliffs of Dover, sleepy villages and bustling seaside resorts, historic castles and towering cathedral. There’s no shortage of things to do in Kent.

One of the highlights for us every summer is being involved with the classic car shows that happen throughout the summer in Kent. Every year we like to support a couple of shows by way of sponsoring the event and assisting with the marketing and promotion. This year we will be once again be headline sponsors of the Biddenden Tractorfest & Country Fair and Wrotham Steam and Transport Rally. We also decided this year to organise our own show with our charity partners, Kent Charity of the Year 2017 the Kenward Trust.


Spring Newsletter 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to our Spring 2017 issue of The Great British Broker. As I write, the sun is streaming through my office window and I’m looking at daffodils in the garden, so I feel confident in wishing you all a very happy spring. Well, we certainly have a very informative issue of our newsletter this time around which we hope will educate and advise, in addition to being an enjoyable read.

March has been quite a tumultuous month in the world of insurance and we have an interesting article about recent changes to ‘The Ogden Rate’. What does this mean to you? Please read on to find out. You can also learn about our latest charitable partnership, how landlords can obtain the emergency protection they need and find out which of the beautiful gardens in Kent to visit this spring! In our regular Employee feature we will be turning the Spotlight on Leon Price, our Commercial and Private Clients Manager.

We are also looking forward to another busy summer of classic vehicle shows and have already taken ‘Victor’ our little Austin A35 out for a drive around Sevenoaks! We will also be undertaking our very own classic vehicle show this year at the beautiful Kenward House, but more on that later! In the meantime, that just leaves us to wish you all a very happy Easter and a jolly warm and sunny spring!

As your insurance broker it is our job to ensure that you have the peace of mind knowing that your personal and business assets are well protected. One aspect of this is monitoring the latest insurance industry news and being aware of any changes that may affect you as a customer. As of 20th March it was announced that the Ogden discount rate has been reduced from 2.5% to -0.75%. What does this mean and will it have an impact on you as a customer? Click here to learn more.

At Invicta you always receive a pleasant, helpful and friendly service, but what do you know of the terrific people who make up the Invicta team? In this spot of our newsletter we will introduce you to one of the Invicta staff members who, on a daily basis, help to provide our customers with quality and courteous service. In this issue we say hello to Leon Price, our Commercial and Private Clients Manager.

Invicta staff have always felt passionately about supporting the local community and working with various charitable organisations in the area. It is with this sentiment that we are delighted to announce our decision to partner with Kent Charity of the Year Award 2017 winners Kenward Trust. For nearly 50 years the Kenward Trust have been providing primary stage residential rehabilitation and recovery services for men and women at various locations across Kent and East Sussex. Invicta have already begun helping the Trust by implementing donation initiatives and planning fundraising events. If you’d like to learn more, please read on.

Here at Invicta we are always looking for ways in which we can provide additional protection and peace of mind for our clients. We believe it is important to provide clients with the option of being able to enhance their cover. In this article we are delighted to unveil the details of a new, cost effective Home Emergency and Legal Assistance cover for Landlords.

There is no better time to visit the Garden of England than in spring when everything is bursting to life with vibrant colours. To make sure you don‘t miss out on some of the most beautiful gardens in Kent when they are blooming in all their glory, we have compiled a list of some of the finest examples for you with the help of Visit Kent. What could be more relaxing than strolling in the spring sunshine through Kent’s English country gardens?


Winter Newsletter 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to our Winter 2016 issue of The Great British Broker.

It is hard to believe that winter is upon us once more but listening to my neighbour scrapping the ice off his car windscreen has certainly brought it home! However, with the ice and cold comes the season to be jolly!

Here at Invicta we have enormous respect for the people who own or work in care homes throughout the UK. Ensuring that senior members of society enjoy a full, rich and dignified life is so important, especially today as we see an ever increasing older population. The Care Sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, so why are so many insurance companies pulling out of this market? We don’t think that’s fair so have decided to step in and help.

At Invicta you always receive pleasant, helpful and friendly service but what do you know of the terrific people who make up the Invicta team? In this spot of our newsletter we will introduce you to members of the Invicta staff who help to provide our customers with quality and courteous service on a daily basis. As this is the festive issue of our newsletter we have decided to feature our three talented apprentice Customer Service Advisors Jess, Jaide and Jessica!

Christmas is a time of celebration and relaxation for most, but it can bring extra challenges for owners of small businesses. From supplier closures to staff holidays, the festive season can put extra pressure on SMEs, resulting in many having to forgo their celebrations. With decision -makers facing a number of extra challenges, we’ve put together some top tips for our business customers, which could help to ease pressure and allow them some respite during the festive season.

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, so we have put together a list of 10 festive celebrations taking place in Kent this year!

Visitors to the Garden of England will be spoiled for choice when it comes to fun-filled days out, irresistible shopping opportunities, places to party and stunning winter scenery. Residents will be amazed at just how much there is to see and do right on their doorstep – from Christmas markets and sparkling castles, to ice skating and a festive train journeys!

Being British we do like to talk about the weather and we certainly seem to be getting all the extremes lately! In the winters of the past, snow was always a major concern when driving but today rain and flooding seem to be the biggest worry. As we saw from Storm Angus a few weeks ago, things can certainly get wet pretty quickly at this time of year and it may not be too long before you find yourself sitting in your car pondering the question: ‘Can I drive my car through that enormous puddle?’


Autumn Newsletter 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to our Autumn 2016 issue of The Great British Broker. Firstly, please don’t worry, we are not moving to Channel 4 anytime soon!

Well, it’s that time of year when the leaves are starting to turn, the nights are drawing in and there is that slight chill in the air when you leave for work in the morning. However, there are so many wonderful things about autumn which is why it is one of our favourite times of year; the beautiful autumnal colours that grace the Kentish landscape, the smell of wood smoke in the air, apple cider, conkers and of course the latest issue of The Great British Broker arriving in your Inbox! What could be better?

As part of our commitment to support our local community and the people of Kent we will be donating a full year of household insurance to an incredibly deserving family who live on the Isle of Sheppey. The family who are taking part in an upcoming episode of the BBC One television show DIY SOS: The Big Build will receive complete insurance cover on the buildings and contents of their brand new home this October. We were so moved and impressed by their story that we really felt the need to assist them in some way. Read on to learn more.

The long hot days of summer are drawing to a close. The leaves are starting to turning brown, we have all been on our holidays and there is now a chill in the early morning air. However, there is still so much to do and autumn is a wonderful time to celebrate all that the Garden of England has to offer. Vineyards and orchards prepare for harvest, castle walls are ablaze with burnished ivy, woodlands are rich with golden colour and attractions light up with dazzling fireworks and ghostly goings-on! With the help of Visit Kent we have compiled 10 hidden autumn gems that you won’t want to miss.

Halloween to Bonfire Night, what a fun week of the year! Carved pumpkins, children in costumes trick or treating, fancy dress parties and then just a few days later it’s the sound of crackling bonfires and the oooohs and ahhhs as the rockets whoosh and explode in the sky! However, it is not only the likes of you and I that enjoy this time of year. Sadly criminals do too. So, with the help of our friends at Aviva we would like to share some advice on how you can keep yourselves and your property safe this autumn!

One of the highlights for us this summer was the Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair. In addition to being the main sponsors of the event, Invicta were also asked to organise the classic car section of the show. This quickly grew and ended up becoming The Invicta Insurance Services Classic Car Attraction! Tractorfest, as it is known, is located in the heart of the Weald of Kent on a mid August weekend and every year the event is filled with fun, sun, tractors, cider, classic cars, thousands of smiling visitors and so much more!

At Invicta you always receive pleasant, helpful and friendly service but what do you know of the terrific people who make up the Invicta team? In this spot of our newsletter we will introduce you to one of the Invicta staff members who, on a daily basis, help to provide our customers with quality and courteous service. In this issue we say hello to Scott Simmons.

Having a damaged windscreen is a big pain at the best of times but repairing or replacing an ADAS windscreen can also be extremely costly. ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems offer automated electronic safety features which are designed to help the driver while on the road. The system uses cameras and sensors that can implement safeguards and take over control of the vehicle to help avoid accidents or collisions. A lot of this technology is actually embedded in the vehicle’s windscreen.


Summer Newsletter 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to our Summer 2016 issue of The Great British Broker. The beautiful dawn chorus, the soft sound of leather on willow as we take to the cricket crease, the rousing cheers from Wimbledon and the sighs of resignation as England are knocked out of another major football tournament. Ahh the sounds of Summer!

Well, it certainly hasn’t been the most glorious of summers so far, but we can certainly keep our fingers crossed for July!

Fortunately, if you are indoors watching the rain come down outside, we can offer you some enjoyment in the form of an interesting and informative issue of our newsletter. This quarter you can learn more about our Business Development Manager in the Employee Spotlight, know what to do if you have builders at your home in our regular advice column and we also have an update from Victor, our Austin A35 van, who has lots of news on classic car events that we are sponsoring this year!

We hope you enjoy this issue and we would like to wish all of our customers and friends a very enjoyable, safe and pleasant summer.

What-ho readers! My name is Victor and welcome to my column. I cannot believe how quickly time flys! It only seems like yesterday that I was telling you all about my exciting time at the Wrotham Classic Steam and Transport Rally 2015. Well, fortunately for me, Invicta is the annual sponsor of the event so I was absolutely thrilled to be in attendance again at the Wrotham Classic Steam and Transport Rally on 11th and 12th June 2016!

At Invicta you always receive pleasant, helpful and friendly service but what do you know of the terrific people who make up the Invicta team? In this spot of our newsletter we will introduce you to one of the Invicta staff members who, on a daily basis, help to provide our customers with quality and courteous service. In this issue we say hello to Business Development Manager Mark Jessup.

Must I inform my insurer if I am having some building work carried out?

Regardless of whether you are extending, modernising or renovating your home, having any building work carried out at your property increases the risk of potential damage to the structure of the building and indeed the contents within.

It is summer time, love is in the air and engaged couples throughout the land are planning their weddings. These prospective brides and grooms will have a to-do list as long as their arms. On that list it will probably say “do we need wedding insurance?” and the answer to that should always be a resounding yes!


Newsletter issue 5 spring 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to our Spring 2016 issue of The Great British Broker. I’m sure like us you are relieved to see daffodils, the sunshine and daylight past 4 o’clock. Well, we have a very interesting, bumper packed issue of our newsletter for you which is once again featuring our regular employee spotlight and advice column which in this issue is focusing on the importance of having Business Interruption Insurance.
With spring in the air, we know that people are planning their holidays and you will find below a rather amusing list of strange travel insurance claims.
We are also looking forward to a busy summer of classic vehicle shows and this year we will be sponsoring The Darling Buds Classic Car Show, The Wrotham Classic Steam & Transport Rally and The Biddenden Tractorfest & Country fair to name a few!
So that just leaves us to wish you all a very Happy Easter and a jolly warm and sunny spring!

If you are the proud owner of a classic vehicle then it’s that exciting time of the year when we can start thinking of getting back on the road!
However, before you pull on the driving gloves and hop into your pride and joy you may just want to read on and check these 10 important tips, tasks and advice.

At Invicta you always receive pleasant, helpful and friendly service but what do you know of the terrific people who make up the Invicta team? In this spot of our newsletter we will introduce you to one of the Invicta staff members who, on a daily basis, help to provide our customers with quality and courteous service. In this issue we say hello to Commercial Insurance Advisor Danielle Townsend.

80% of businesses that suffer a major incident fail within the following 18 months because many business owners mistakenly believe that other insurances such as buildings and contents policies will take care of everything. This is not the case so click here to find out why…

As you have probably heard we have joined forces with Folly Wildlife Rescue for a special campaign to help save the British hedgehog called ‘Project Hedgehog’. Our goal is to help Folly to build an education programme, hedgehog hospital and rehabilitation centre. The initiative will help raise people’s awareness of the Hedgehog plight and teach people how they can protect this important and iconic British animal. Read on to find out what we are doing to help…

You may have already booked or you may just now be thinking of where to go but one way or another now is the time of year that we start dreaming of our summer holidays.
It is also the time you have to start thinking “Do I have travel insurance?” Some of you may be thinking “Do I need travel insurance? “I’ve been on holiday numerous times and never made a claim”. “Is it worth it? The money I save I could use as holiday spending money, right?” Well, possibly but can you really put a price on peace of mind? We don’t think so. There are so many things that can potentially go wrong before or during your holiday with some scenarios being more common than others.




Newsletter Issue 2 Summer 2015


Newsletter Issue 1 Spring 2015


Wrotham Rally

Newsletter: Issue 1 Spring 2015

At the time of writing there are 74 days, 21 hours, and 34 minutes until the Wrotham Classic Steam and Transport Rally. Not only are the Friends of Wrotham Recreation Ground charity, who run the rally, excited about the upcoming event, at Invicta we are busy organising our stand. We are proud to be a main sponsor of the rally and this will be our second year.

The rally takes place on the 13th & 14th June in the historic town of Wrotham, Kent on the Wings of the Morning Field at the top of Wrotham Hill. This year will be the rally’s 36th and thousands of visitors are expected. The event hosts over 700 exhibitors of pre- and post-war cars, classic campers, classic motorcycles, military vehicles, steam engines and classic commercial vehicles. With a line up of ring shows of classic cars and military vehicles, 2 daily steam parades, Morris men, an auto jumble, craft stalls, and a delicious variety of refreshments it is shaping up for a fun-filled day out. The Invicta team will be in attendance and we hope to see you there. Please stop by our stand and say hello!

 For additional information about the Wrotham Classic Steam and Transport Rally please see their website link below.


Home Emergency Cover

Newsletter: Issue 1 Spring 2015

5 Reasons Why You Need Home Emergency Cover

Flooded kitchen? Broken boiler? Wasps? Smashed window? You never know what the future holds so read on and learn the 5 main reasons why you should never be without Home Emergency Cover.

1. 24 Hour Claim Service

We can say from experience that discovering that your kitchen is flooding when you get home on Friday night is never pleasant. However, what’s worse is a recorded voice telling you that nothing can be done about it until 9am on Monday! However, when you have home emergency cover, you can speak to an actual human being 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and what’s more, they’ll immediately arrange for someone to come and help you out!

2. Winter Warmth

When we’re all clutched in the icy grip of the British winter, the last thing you need is for the boiler to breakdown; jumpers and hot soup can only sustain you for so long. If you have home emergency cover, though, you can rest easy as yours and your family’s toastiness is assured – emergency repairs to your heating system is provided as standard.

3. Wasps! Wasps! Wasps!

Few things can ruin a summer’s day than a mass invasion of small, flying stingy things, especially when you find out that they’ve actually set up shop on your property! Once you’ve all fled inside, locked all the doors and windows and gibbered madly for a while, you’ll need to call your home emergency insurer, who will kindly get rid of any pests who might be plaguing your home.

4. Make Your House a Mini-Fort Knox

Nothing is more important than knowing your home and your family are safe, and your home emergency policy can help with this, as well! Whether you have a smashed window, broken lock or damaged door, a home emergency policy will guarantee that a qualified tradesman will visit your property and make it safe again.

5. Unlimited Call-Outs

The true genius of the home emergency policy is how it can operate alongside your standard home insurance while not adversely affecting it. If you are cursed by a run of bad luck and need to use your emergency policy multiple times throughout the year, not only are you entitled to as many call outs as you want, but it also won’t affect your claims history!

A full summary of benefits and exclusions will be provided should you decide that home emergency cover is for you.

Invicta Partnerships

Newsletter: Issue 1 Spring 2015

As an independent general insurance broker who greatly values the service that we provide to our customers, Invicta Insurance Services has forged partnerships with selected companies that can offer independent financial advice. 

Whether you would like to take advantage of the new pension and investment rules, check that your mortgage arrangements are still competitive, take out life assurance or health insurance, manage your wealth or arrange a will, Invicta’s partners ensure that we can offer you a ‘one stop shop’ for all of your financial services needs without compromising on our focus on general insurance.

Our partners share our ethos of providing excellent customer service and expert advice on the whole of the market, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any insurance or financial services.

Our Commercial Lines Team

Newsletter: Issue 1 Spring 2015

The Commercial Lines department at Invicta are committed to providing market leading commercial insurance products tailored to meet the needs of owners and managers. Whether you are a self-employed tradesman, small business owner with a few employees or large international trading company, there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure you get the right insurance to protect your growing business.

1. Let us assess your risk

The premium you pay will reflect the risk that you and your business represent to the insurance company. There are a number of factors that may contribute to your costs and we can assess your risk to get you the right cover at the best price.

2. Let us ensure you are adequately covered

Business insurance policies can be tailored to cover the specific requirements of your business.

3. Let us protect you from perils

There are many different types of insurance available to cover your business which can be arranged separately or in a package. Combining coverage into a package can simplify the process and save you time and money. If your business has any unique risks you may require additional coverage and expert advice.

4. Let us assess your cover annually 

As your business grows, so do your liabilities. You don’t want to be left underinsured should disaster strike.

5. Let us continue to be your insurance broker 

In the UK, professional insurance brokers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. A good commercial insurance broker will take the time to understand all the risks associated with your business and help you find policies that match your business requirements. Like your accountant and your solicitor, your insurance broker should be an important part of the team of experts that help you protect and grow your business.



Invicta Insurance Services and Folly Wildlife Rescue have teamed up for wildlife

Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust has teamed up with Invicta Insurance Services, an independent insurance broker based in Kent, with a great scheme to help the animals and help you with your insurance needs.  When you quote “Folly” when taking out a policy, we will donate £20 per policy to Folly Wildlife Rescue.

 Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust operates one of the country’s most advanced wildlife hospitals in the Broadwater Forest near Tunbridge Wells.  The staff and volunteers are dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned and sick wildlife in Kent and East Sussex.

 The charity cares for thousands of animals every year at its new, state-of-the-art hospital, gives advice in numerous wildlife-related issues, and through its education programme demonstrates how the public themselves can help reduce the huge number of injuries that are now blighting our wildlife populations.  In addition, Folly Wildlife Rescue prides itself on never turning away any animal in need.

 Invicta Insurance Services work very closely with Folly Wildlife Rescue helping to grow its facilities and further expand its abilities to help local wildlife.

 Invicta Insurance Services can offer competitive rates for home, motor, business, property and travel insurance.  We would love the opportunity to save you money, provide you with a great service, offer you better cover and help you support Folly Wildlife Rescue.

 Please call us on 01732 471950 and for every qualifying insurance policy you take out with us, Invicta Insurance Services will donate £20 to the Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust in your name.  Remember to quote “Folly.”  Your donations will continue supporting Folly Wildlife Rescue upon every renewal as well.

 What a brilliant way to protect Britain’s wildlife and your vehicle, property or business!


Luxury car owners told to use steering locks, The Times 21st July 2014

You might have thought they went out with manual chokes, but owners of top-of-the-range cars are being told by police to by old-fashioned steering locks to stop thieves outwitting their sophisticated alarms.


Car thieves are routinely driving away in high-value vehicles after mastering a technique to foil their computerised security systems.


The Kensington and Chelsea neighbourhood policing teams covering the wealth west London neighbourhoods recently wrote to owners: “Car thieves currently operate in this area and your vehicle may be at heightened risk of being stolen.  Expensive vehicles, including Range Rovers, Land Rovers and BMW X series and X6 series, in particular have been targeted.


“Having gained access, any vehicle security systems have been bypassed and the vehicles in most case driven away.  It is recommended therefore that you consider additional means of securing your vehicle such as through the use of a simple steering wheel or gear stick lock, which are effective in preventing theft of your vehicle.


Simon Gregg, who owns two Range Rovers and is owner of Bramley, a quality car dealership, highlighted the advice on his Twitter account after receiving the letter.  He said: “It has got to the point now that people are going to Halfords and buying a steering lock because it will act as a better deterrent.


“Land Rover said it engineering department was working on the problem but how am I supposed to protect the car they sold me?  Cars without keys are particularly venerable.  One person I have spoken to say 26 Range Rovers have been stolen in recent months from central London.  I know a BMW X5 was stolen on my road recently and a friend had their Land Rover Discovery stolen.”


Thieves operating in wealthy areas are thought to have begun smashing non-alarmed car windows and connecting a device to a vehicles diagnostic system.  By reprogramming a blank key, it allows them to drive away without any alarms sounding.   The process can take less than a minute.  Almost half the cars stolen in London are estimated to use keyless technology.


Land Rover said yesterday that its current line-up “continues to meet the insurance industry requirements as tested and agreed with relevant insurance bodies.  Nevertheless, the company has taken this issue very seriously and our engineering teams have been working in collaboration with insurance bodies and police forces.


“It is however important to remember that this is an industry-wide issue. Access to the vehicle involves new technology being employed by organised crime to deceive customers into allowing their keys to be cloned.  We will continue to evolve the technology in our vehicles as organised crime develops.”


Preparing for winter weather

Are you responsible for an unoccupied property?  As the weather becomes colder unoccupied properties become more vulnerable than most, so here are a few tips to help prepare.

Check your policy

Does it cover you for escape of water?  Speak to your broker if you cannot find any reference to escape of water cover on your insurance schedule or in the policy endorsements.

Protect your property

Ensure that the pipes are adequately lagged to prevent freezing, turn of the stop cock; this will keep whatever heat is present in the system.  You might consider draining the water system.

There is no substitute for maintenance


Refit washers on dripping taps, as if they freeze they will cause blockages in your pipes.

Leave the heating on


Maintaining the temperature above 15 degrees will prevent most problems associated with freezing, and it may be a condition of your insurance to maintain a certain temperature in the property.

Check the property regularly

It is likely to be a condition of your insurance that the property is checked.  Ensure that you check the property internally, including attic spaces, it might seem like a chore, but this simple action could save you in the long run.

If your property freezes and you have not prepared you may find yourself with an escape of water.  If a water pipe freezes the water expands causing the pipe to crack, when the water thaws you may have to deal with some serious leaks.

Invicta Insurance Services relocate to larger premises

Invicta Insurance Services have bucked the trend of the recession and enjoyed some very exciting growth since they commenced trading in March 2010. As they grow and the number of satisfied customers that they have increases, they are taking on more staff to enhance the service that they provide to their customers.

In order to accommodate these additional staff, Invicta Insurance Services Limited will be relocating to new, larger premises on Saturday 11th May 2013. Their new offices are at Invicta House, Amherst Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 2EL.

“We are delighted that our successful growth is allowing us to create more employment in our local community, which in turn will allow us to serve more local people and businesses.” said Steve Gamage, Managing Director of Invicta Insurance Services. “We are now actively looking to recruit both experienced professionals and trainees that are eager to pursue a career in insurance broking.”

Oliver Burt, Operations Manager of Invicta Insurance Services, added “We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to save our customers time and money without compromising on cover. We are now keen to take on like-minded people to add to the service we provide to our customers.”

Invicta House, Amherst Hill, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 2EL
Tel: 01732 471950 Email: info@invictainsuranceservices.co.uk
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