Summer Newsletter 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to our Summer 2016 issue of The Great British Broker. The beautiful dawn chorus, the soft sound of leather on willow as we take to the cricket crease, the rousing cheers from Wimbledon and the sighs of resignation as England are knocked out of another major football tournament. Ahh the sounds of Summer!

Well, it certainly hasn’t been the most glorious of summers so far, but we can certainly keep our fingers crossed for July!

Fortunately, if you are indoors watching the rain come down outside, we can offer you some enjoyment in the form of an interesting and informative issue of our newsletter. This quarter you can learn more about our Business Development Manager in the Employee Spotlight, know what to do if you have builders at your home in our regular advice column and we also have an update from Victor, our Austin A35 van, who has lots of news on classic car events that we are sponsoring this year!

We hope you enjoy this issue and we would like to wish all of our customers and friends a very enjoyable, safe and pleasant summer.

What-ho readers! My name is Victor and welcome to my column. I cannot believe how quickly time flys! It only seems like yesterday that I was telling you all about my exciting time at the Wrotham Classic Steam and Transport Rally 2015. Well, fortunately for me, Invicta is the annual sponsor of the event so I was absolutely thrilled to be in attendance again at the Wrotham Classic Steam and Transport Rally on 11th and 12th June 2016!

At Invicta you always receive pleasant, helpful and friendly service but what do you know of the terrific people who make up the Invicta team? In this spot of our newsletter we will introduce you to one of the Invicta staff members who, on a daily basis, help to provide our customers with quality and courteous service. In this issue we say hello to Business Development Manager Mark Jessup.

Must I inform my insurer if I am having some building work carried out?

Regardless of whether you are extending, modernising or renovating your home, having any building work carried out at your property increases the risk of potential damage to the structure of the building and indeed the contents within.

It is summer time, love is in the air and engaged couples throughout the land are planning their weddings. These prospective brides and grooms will have a to-do list as long as their arms. On that list it will probably say “do we need wedding insurance?” and the answer to that should always be a resounding yes!


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