Preparing for winter weather

Are you responsible for an unoccupied property?  As the weather becomes colder unoccupied properties become more vulnerable than most, so here are a few tips to help prepare.

Check your policy

Does it cover you for escape of water?  Speak to your broker if you cannot find any reference to escape of water cover on your insurance schedule or in the policy endorsements.

Protect your property

Ensure that the pipes are adequately lagged to prevent freezing, turn of the stop cock; this will keep whatever heat is present in the system.  You might consider draining the water system.

There is no substitute for maintenance


Refit washers on dripping taps, as if they freeze they will cause blockages in your pipes.

Leave the heating on


Maintaining the temperature above 15 degrees will prevent most problems associated with freezing, and it may be a condition of your insurance to maintain a certain temperature in the property.

Check the property regularly

It is likely to be a condition of your insurance that the property is checked.  Ensure that you check the property internally, including attic spaces, it might seem like a chore, but this simple action could save you in the long run.

If your property freezes and you have not prepared you may find yourself with an escape of water.  If a water pipe freezes the water expands causing the pipe to crack, when the water thaws you may have to deal with some serious leaks.

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