Project Hedgehog

As you have probably heard we have joined forces with Folly Wildlife Rescue for a special campaign to help save the British hedgehog called ‘Project Hedgehog’. Our goal is to help Folly to build an education programme, hedgehog hospital and rehabilitation centre. The initiative will help raise people’s awareness of the Hedgehog plight and teach people how they can protect this important and iconic British animal.

The UK’s most iconic small mammal is in big trouble. From an estimated population of 30 million in the 1960s, the number of hedgehogs in the UK is now believed to be as low as 1 million. In fact some local populations may have already disappeared. One of the most frequent comments they hear at Folly Wildlife Rescue is ‘we always used to see hedgehogs in our garden, but in recent years they seem to have disappeared’.

So what on earth is going wrong? Well, it hasn’t happened overnight of course, but very likely the result of changes in our modern lifestyles, methods of transport, and farming practices, that began over 50 years ago.

Although Folly Wildlife Rescue have worked tirelessly over the years to highlight the plight of hedgehogs in West Kent and East Sussex, the scale of the problem is so great that urgent action needs to be taken. This is why Folly Wildlife Rescue have launched ‘Project Hedgehog’.

As we are already very active supporters of Folly Wildlife Rescue, we immediately wanted to help with this new initiative and have decided to team up with Folly to take action and help turn the tide.

What we have done to support this urgent cause is set up a special ‘Project Hedgehog’ scheme. The scheme is simple; call up for an new insurance quote and say the magic words ‘Folly’ or ‘Project Hedgehog’.

If you then take out a new policy, we will not only donate £20 to Project Hedgehog on your behalf but you will also receive the following goodies in the post:

A special Adoption Pack for Folly hedgehog resident ROSIE THE HEDGEHOG containing a colour certificate, hedgehog beanie, Folly pen, Fact Sheet and a Folly fridge magnet!

Please help Folly Wildlife Rescue and support this cause by calling in for a quote and by spreading the word! Together we can all make a difference!

If you would like to learn more about ‘Project Hedgehog’ and all the wonderful work that Folly Wildlife Rescue do please go to their website and Facebook page:

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