Travel insurance claims

You may have already booked or you may just now be thinking of where to go but one way or another now is the time of year that we start dreaming of our summer holidays.

It is also the time you have to start thinking “Do I have travel insurance?” Some of you may be thinking “Do I need travel insurance? “I’ve been on holiday numerous times and never made a claim”. “Is it worth it? The money I save I could use as holiday spending money, right?” Well, possibly but can you really put a price on peace of mind? We don’t think so. There are so many things that can potentially go wrong before or during your holiday with some scenarios being more common than others.

Now, travel insurance doesn’t take the problem away but it might be worth it in the end as the 10 unexpected turns of fate below go to show. All these ‘victims’ got their travel insurance to pay out.
So if you’re not going to take out travel insurance, here’s what we recommend you do:

1. Wear a helmet at all times
In Sri Lanka a lady was calmly sitting under a palm tree reading a book when a coconut fell on her head. She was duly hospitalised. Luckily her insurer covered all her medical costs.

2. Wear blinkers
The travel insurance company paid out compensation to a man who walked straight into a bus shelter in Athens. He was honest enough to write on his claim that it was because he’d been distracted by a group of girls wearing bikinis.

3. Don’t leave kids to their own devices
This family might have had a beautiful video of their trip to Cornwall, if it hadn’t been for the children burying their video camera in the sand while they went for a swim. Then they forgot where they’d buried it. Luckily the insurance covered the loss and they got the full £600 in settlement.

4. Don’t go near fire
A bride caught fire when her beautiful wedding dress came slightly too close to the BBQ. Naturally the synthetic material went up in flames. Her loving husband saved the day by picking her up and throwing her into the sea. Thankfully, the insurance pay out went some way towards compensating for the disaster.

5. Never trust monkeys
In the depths of the Malaysian rainforest a couple found that their clothes had been stolen from their lodgings by monkeys who had distributed them all over the jungle. The couple were compensated for the incident.

6. Pray for snow
A lady managed to get a pay-out from her travel insurance company for lack of snow when she arrived on the slopes for her skiing holiday. Having bought a set of new skis for the holiday, it only seemed right to be compensated for the disaster.

7. Expect the unexpected
A lady visiting a bar in Greece suffered third degree burns by standing over a bar that intermittently went up in flames as a novelty feature. There was a warning alarm, but she hadn’t understood it. The insurance did pay compensation.

8. and 9. Hold onto your dentures
One pensioner lost his dentures over the side of a cruise ship during a bout of sea sickness. Another cruise passenger suffered a similar fate when a great gust of wind whipped them out of his mouth. Apparently he was singing at the time. Both pensioners were compensated for their loss.

10. Avoid the local wildlife
Two separate families claimed for damage after animals developed an unfortunate attraction to their vehicles. One couple in Devon claimed for damage to paint work for their car after cows had licked it. The second family had their windscreen head-butted by a deer who was attracted to their tax disk.

Thanks to USwitch for the list.

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