Wedding Insurance

It is summer time, love is in the air and engaged couples throughout the land are planning their weddings. These prospective brides and grooms will have a to-do list as long as their arms. On that list it will probably say “do we need wedding insurance?” and the answer to that should always be a resounding yes!

Wedding Insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Your wedding is many months away but you will be counting on numerous suppliers (who have been paid deposits) to come through on the day without any glitches. Remember, you are probably spending more money than you ever will on a single day. If something goes wrong, it’s more than likely that you’ll be the one counting the losses. For every bride who took out insurance and gratefully used it, there is another bride who wishes she had!

If you think the worst things that could happen would be your cake collapsing, or a tipsy uncle causing havoc at the open bar – then think again.

How about a no-show registrar or a problem with the registration documents? Both of these scenarios could lead to a cancellation or rearrangement!

Many couples today get married in wild and whacky places, but you can’t marry just anywhere! Ceremony venues need to hold a proper licence and even if they do, what happens if your chosen venue loses its licence after you have reserved it? With adequate wedding insurance and contracts in place, affected policy holders can claim back some of the costs.

Fancy a white wedding? Not if that means the bride getting stuck in the snow, right? Winter weddings can have all kinds of issues including weather related cancellations. Future winter brides make sure that you are properly insured!

The happy couple want to have a ripping time at their wedding but not if it involves the wedding dress! The tearing, ripping or damaging of wedding attire before or during the wedding is a disaster and not as uncommon as you may think! Wedding insurance can give you some protection against your dream dress turning into a nightmare, especially if it happens before the wedding!

Having a marquee reception? Have the right policy and should your dream day blow across the countryside in extreme weather conditions, you won’t have to foot the bill!

The wedding venue burns down. A disaster for the venue but it doesn’t have to be for you. With insurance you can claim cancellation costs, or recover the costs they incurred so far and book their wedding elsewhere.

Wedding insurance gives you financial protection against redundancy where it meets the required terms of the policy, allowing you to claim back cancellation costs should either the bride or groom sadly lose their jobs before their happy day.

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